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About Wild Karoo


A guy from Canada realized how difficult it can be for immigrants who leave their homelands to find the foods they know and love in their new country.

How did he realize this? Hong Kong. He spent the first half of 2016, his last of ten university terms, studying abroad in Hong Kong, right on the border of Mainland China. To date, it’s still the best decision he's ever made and the fastest his life has changed following a 15-hour flight.

Being a native Canadian, it wasn't easy for him to put himself in the shoes of a migrant until he became one. Local Chinese food was great, by my goodness there were times he wished he could buy food from home. He didn’t mind rice, but he sure loved potatoes.

After returning from Asia, he ended up casually speaking with a South African man who had moved to North America several years ago. He spoke highly of a delicious South African food called biltong, but that it was difficult to find traditional biltong in America, even though beef jerky was everywhere. At that moment it clicked, he realized the man was feeling exactly the way he did back in China.

After several hours of research, nutritional research, a few sleepless nights and multiple conversations with South Africans and biltong connoisseurs, Wild Karoo was born.

Ashton in Hong Kong
Lion's Rock Hike, Hong Kong - February 2016
Keeping It Authentic

There are more than 70,000 South Africans living in the United-States, and all of them know exactly what you mean when you say “biltong”. Our goal at Wild Karoo is to give you delicious traditional biltong made in America that tastes just like home.

That’s why we work with a family from South Africa based in the USA to make our biltong. It’s a secret recipe for fine beef, salt, and spices that has been passed down for generations.

You and I May be Very Much Alike

If you’re like the guy in the story, adventure calls to you, you love to discover, you embrace different cultures and like to be healthy. How do I know? Because I'm that guy.

With 15g of protein per ounce, no trans fats, no sugar, no preservatives and no additives, biltong is one macronutrient rich snack from a very diverse part of the world: South Africa.
Curious? Have a look at our biltong.
If you call or email, I’ll be the one to answer (at least for now!)

Core Values

1. Growth: Fulfillment in life comes from continuous growth and improvement. If we grow as people every day, happiness follows.

2. Trust: Communication and trust are how we built strong relationships with everyone we impact, from our partners, customers, and communities. Transparency is not optional.

3. Respect: Everyone should feel respected and valued. Every interaction we have should communicate respect for others.

4. Balance: Life is a balance and that’s not an exception at Wild Karoo. We prioritize balance between professional ambitions, lives outside careers, growth, profitability and the needs of our communities.

5. You’re Invited: We open our doors to all people. We share our passion and knowledge with a genuine desire to help and connect with you.